Slurricane Cake Cart

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1Gram 510 Threaded Glass Cart
ZERO additives or Filler- (No PG, No VG, No Vitamin E Acetate)
Organic Terpenes
Lab Tested
10 Carts mini box


Slurricane Cake Cart

Slurricane Cake Cart is a slightly indica dominant hybrid strain (60% indica/40% sativa) created through a potent cross of the delicious Do-Si-Dos X Purple Punch strains. Also,  if you’re an indica lover who appreciates a super flavorful toke and a potent punch of effects, look no further – Slurricane will totally have you dazed with its delicious combination.


The Slurricane high settles in a few minutes after your first delicious exhale, creeping up on the back of your head with tingly effects before suddenly taking hold.  You’ll feel a soaring euphoria grow and grow, filling you with an expansive happiness that pushes out any negative thoughts. A potent body high comes next, lulling you into a completely couch-locked state that has you totally immovable for hours and hours on end.

Cake She Hits Different

cake she hits different The strain, the quality, the consistency, the freshness, the flavor, the scent, the benefits….it all starts with the flower! Cake Redding is designed with the singular vision to produce world class cannabis and cannabis products. SHE HITS DIFFERENT


4 reviews for Slurricane Cake Cart

  1. Jordan

    CAKE SHE HIT DIFFERENT delivery was on time. This reliable service ensures that your order is promptly delivered.

  2. Munoz

    CAKE SHE HIT DIFFERENT is a reliable company that delivers their products in one piece. As a customer, it was refreshing to receive my order without any damage or broken pieces.

  3. Tony Jones

    I am impressed with their prompt delivery and discreet packaging. Overall, I am satisfied with my purchase and will definitely be a returning customer.

  4. Belicia Busani

    With a commitment to timely delivery, CAKE SHE HIT DIFFERENT strives to provide a seamless experience for its customers. Order with confidence knowing that your purchase will arrive on time.

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Slurricane Cake CartSlurricane Cake Cart